Stocking Up On Starbucks Coffee

Been purchasing lots of Starbucks for my Tassimo single serve coffee brewer in my office. Why, you may ask? Kraft, the distributor of the Tassimo has lost Starbucks as one of the brands they carry.

StarbucksA couple of years ago when I was looking for a single serve coffee maker, I looked at the Tassimo and the Keurig. The Keurig is the most popular brand but the Tassimo had several things going for it that I liked.

First it uses a pressured system to brew drinks. In my opinion this allows more flavor from the coffee grounds to enter the cup. Second it uses a bar code system to read what type of drink you are brewing and adjusts its brewing cycle to this specific drink. Lastly they had Starbucks. The Keurig lacked all three of these items.

Now you would think that with Starbucks being involved I would be able to go to my local Starbucks and purchase discs for the Tassimo. No such luck. In fact finding discs tended to be a major pain. The only reliable way to get them was direct order from Tassimo. No problem, i order them from Tassimo or got what i could find at my local Bed, Bath, and Beyond, only store that carried them in my area.

Now Starbucks finally got tired of Kraft’s lack of marketing and bolted. Keurig will carry Starbucks now and Starbucks will stock the K-cups the Keurig’s use as well as Keurig machines, something Kraft wouldn’t let them do with the Tassimo. Kraft with the Tassimo has their heads up their asses and will only carry coffe for the Tassimo that Kraft has sole marketing rights. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

So stocking up on Starbucks and as soon as they are done I’ll probably purchase a Keurig unless Tassimo starts to carry a good coffee. Sorry Kraft/Tassimo, Maxwell House doesn’t do it for me.