Places I've been, people I've seen

I'm a student at Pelletier' Karate. Our main style of study is Okinawa Kenpo and Kobudo Karate. Sensei Pelletier is also big on self defense training and he incorporates the principles of Tony Blauer and his S.P.E.A.R. system. Really great stuff. When not doing karate I've been following Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength program. If you are interested in strength and conditioning be sure to check out the good folks over at Invictus Strength and Conditioning

I enjoy a good cocktail and I'm a fan of Colleen Graham's site. Not only will you find cocktail recipes but also reviews of spirits and bar equipment. If wine is more your thing then Stacy Slinkard has a wine related site on too.

One must nourish the mind too so I spend some time reading various blogs. A few that I read with a conservative bent are Powerline and National Review's The Corner.. For a non-conservative bent I also read a few martial art related blogs. One is the Okinawa Karatedo and Kobudo blog. Another good read is Charles Goodin's Karate Thoughts Blog Goodin covers a wide range of topics, some very thought provoking. I had a chance to take a PDR class from Jake Steinmann. Jake also writes a blog called An Honest Philosophy. A final read are articles by Tony Blauer. If you are into self defense then these are a must read.

One other thing I enjoy doing is playing poker, mainly no-limit Texas Hold'em. The Hard-boiled Poker blog is a good read.