Finding a Job in Law


Applying for jobs in the law and legal industries can be difficult because you must consider there are many different certificates and degrees that you must possess before employment. It is a challenging industry to become a part of, but that is the same for many various industries in the world, today. We have all applied for numerous jobs that we think we are qualified for and never get a return call. There can be a lot of different reasons why you never get a call back for an interview, but from a recruiter’s standpoint, there are maybe some things that you are doing in your job search, that will automatically get you nixed from the list of potential candidates.

What Not to Do

Either a positive or negative, most legal recruiters will tell you that if you submit a follow-up e-mail after you send your resume to inquire about the resume you just left that it usually doesn’t go over very well. It is an annoyance and even a little pushy to some recruiters and law firms.

We know that it is a tedious and frustrating process, so the main point to remember before you land an interview or a call back is always to check your attitude and frustrations at the door. If you call a firm looking for answers about your resume and you already have a hot head about waiting too long for a response, you’re probably not going to be very friendly and cordial when speaking to the receptionist or any other employee. In turn, it is going to result in your being eliminated from the record books and forgotten about altogether. A law firm is a professional and studious type of industry and if you can’t hold your emotions together and be a respectful adult, they will notice and choose not to employ you in their business.

Being anxious about sending your resume to your dream job location is normal. However, if you choose to send your resume to every department head, supervisor, manager, etc. in the same firm, they will notice. The only people that need to see your resume is the members of a recruitment team or a legal recruiter for that particular place. You aren’t doing anything but wasting your own time and energy if you send your information to multiple people within the same company.


Playing smart when it comes to how you apply for a job, is very important. There is a strategy to it, and you could completely sabotage your chances of getting a job if you do certain things. These things may seem appropriate and helpful to you, but in the bigger picture, they are adverse actions. Unfortunately, as the potential employee, you don’t know how a firm is going to react to your application. All the best legal recruiters operate differently, so your best bet is to play things smart and be patient and open to any and all options that come your way.