Dear Microsoft

Dear Microsoft,


Dear Microsoft

In the past I have placed your Microsoft Points on my son’s account for him to make purchases, mainly music. With the retirement of the Microsoft Points the points on his account were converted to “local currency”. At first I thought no big deal, points/local currency, all the same in the long run as local currency was used to purchase the points. How naive I was to think that.

When my son last tried to purchase music through your store his purchase was declined. Why? No balance. No balance? His points were converted to local currency which can be used to purchase apps and games, but not music. Why not music? Is Microsoft a hatter of music thinking it leads to the degradation of society? No, something else according to the support agent I spent time chatting with today. The reason is the various Microsoft services are not synchronized between each other. What a wonderful idea! Move people off one system was working between the between apps, games, and music to another one that doesn’t work.

But no worry, Microsoft has a solution. Again according to the support agent the solution is to purchase an Xbox One when it comes out, this will allow the purchase of music once again. What a deal, upgrade for several hundred dollars so I can use $50 in credits for music purchases.

Did anyone at Microsoft take a moment to say “How will these changes impact our existing customers?” Or was it decided to ignore existing customers, if they want what they already paid for they can fork over even more money.